"As long as I can remember I've been singing, playing, humming and dreaming about music., that is my biggest passion. When my children were born I had a necessary break from playing gigs and went to art college. Making clothes and craftwork was always a great hobby of mine, so at college I extended those skills to design.

For the last 25 years or so I have been constantly touring with my musical partner and best friend Julie Matthews and haven't had much time for making things.

The Corona pandemic has changed many people's lives, mine included.....

At first I thought I would make some Christmas presents but as time moved on I realised that I was completely hooked and decided to make bags to sell with all the time I now found on my hands.

My close friends know that I have always been completely obsessed with bags, purses ect. and they've always called me The Bag Lady! So here I am living up to my rep!!!!

Please have a browse through my collections. I try to use end of rolls for my projects and not waste anything, up-cycling when I can, so my bags are generally one offs with some exceptions where I have more than enough fabric for two or more. 

Everything is hand-made by yours truly. Thank you for stopping by....xx


Here is OTEDAMA a traditional Japanese throwing game!

Otedama was traditionally played by girls, but it is now enjoyed by girls and boys, children and adults.  It is usually played with five ojami (small bean bags) and used to be made out of the scraps of kimonos and filled with uncooked azuki beans, Ihave made my ojami in the form of chickens and filled with beans and rice!!  This game reached its peak popularity right after WWII when other games were not available. 

Each set comes with it's own carry bag (of course) and printed instructions.

Free shipping to the uk 
if anyone from NZ, AU or USA want to buy any bags please get in touch via the contact page and I will calculate the postage and let you know. 

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